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Accruing experience since 2010

Campo Capital S.A.S. is a company created in 2010; we are dedicated to managing investments and projects in the Colombian agricultural and forestry sector.

Our service aims to offer investors interested in these sectors a maximization of the economic, social and environmental return, based on our experience in decision making, planning, strategy design and effectively executing and delivering high standard reports regarding the monitoring and follow-up of the investments.

Campo Capital S.A.S. as its name in Spanish is the link between capital and investment resources in the countryside. We are convinced that investment in rural activities, in addition to being required for humanity's sustainability, needs to be profitable, economically attractive, environmentally responsible and to have a positive social impact.

Our team has experts in agricultural finance, project structuring, design of legal structures for the sector, legal advice in linking land for projects, agricultural engineering and management of audits of forestry and agricultural projects.


Diego Lozano Cifuentes

Founding Partner - Corporate Director and Asset Management


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  • MBA Kansas State University / Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes.
  • 18 years in the agricultural sector, more than 200 projects and management positions in national, international and multilateral financial companies.
  • President of Fiduagraria S.A.
  • Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for Forest and Biofuel investments.
  • Advice to entities / projects: Productive alliances (World Bank), Youth.
  • Financial advisor for Jóvenes Caficultores (Young Coffee Farmers program) (Inter-American Development Bank), IFAd, J.A. Austin, among others.
  • Investment Banking Director Corporación Colombia Internacional.
  • Financial Director Agricultural Investments - Fondo de Inversión para la Paz (Investment Fund for Peace.)
Paula Sánchez Díaz

Founding Partner - General Manager and Head of Legal Affairs


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  • Lawyer, specialist in Business Law from Universidad Externado de Colombia.
  • 14 years in the agricultural sector, expert in structuring financial and legal recourses for the agricultural and forestry sector.
  • Expert in land legislation and in the legal structuring of land transactions for more than 60,000 hectares.
  • Legal and Development Manager, Fiduagraria S.A.
  • Advisor for the Ministry of agriculture on forestry matters.
  • Legal advisor for international and multilateral entities such as J.E. Austin (USA) and IDB project Young Coffee Farmers
Valerie Viquerat

Compliance and Contract Director


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  • Valerie directs the compliance area leading the implementation of a control and monitoring system to comply with regulations, internal processes and internal controls.
  • Likewise, Valerie oversees the corporate, contractual and exchange affairs of Campo Capital and the projects and companies that Campo Capital manages. She manages legal relationships with companies' suppliers and contractors.
  • Lawyer from Universidad Javeriana, specialist in Commercial Law from Externado University, with more than 9 years of experience working in national companies that handle international clients.
Aura Maria Echeverri Ortiz

Project Management Director

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  • Aura María supports the execution of the strategy and budgets regarding projects and companies managed by Campo Capital, as well as the design and implementation of processes that allow standardizing the provision of services with high quality standards.
  • She is Administrator in logistics and production of the Universidad del Rosario, has more than 7 years of experience in the agricultural sector
Carla Veloza

Head of Operations, Campo Herbs

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  • Agricultural Engineer with an agroecological approach. With over 14 years of experience in export crop management, international certifications, plant propagation and organic agriculture. She has focused her work on sustainable and quality agricultural production, focused on aromatic herbs and fruit trees. She has held positions as a Primus GFS v. 3.0 and USDA Organic certifier, Production and Postharvest Manager, Head of Postharvest and Safety, all regarding aromatic herbs. .
Tatiana Gutiérrez

Director of Treasury and Taxes


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  • Tatiana leads the treasury and tax area of ​​Campo Capital and the companies operated by Campo Capital. She has more than 8 years of experience in field projects, and 5 years in the agricultural sector.
  • Public Accountant from Universidad de la Salle, Financial administration specialist (Universidad de los Andes), knowledgeable in international standards, Colombian taxation, as well as USGAAP and COLGAAP for the preparation and analysis of financial statements.
María Angelica Medina

Chief Accountant

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  • María Angelica leads the accounting area of ​​Campo Capital and the companies operated by Campo Capital. She has more than 17 years of experience in field projects.
  • Public Accountant from Universidad Central, tax specialists, knowledgeable in international standards, Colombian taxation, as well as USGAAP and COLGAAP for the preparation and analysis of financial statements.
  • The accounting area has 2 assistant accountants, Juliana Rivera and Sebastián Penagos who have worked for over 3 years in Campo Capital.
Juan Esteban Giraldo Noack

Analyst – new business

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  • Juan Esteban supports Campo Capital's new business structuring from a financial, economic and commercial standpoint.
  • Industrial Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes with focus in data analysis and corporate finance.
Accounting, treasury and tax area
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  • Specialized area with accountants and accounting assistants with experience in the agricultural sector
Administrative area
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  • Administrative area that supports back office and countryside logistics.

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